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Based in Barcelona, we are working on the optimization of the processes between primary care and hospitals. Our philosophy comes from the US experiences of ACO (Accountable Care Organization) and Bundled Payments.

The results being excellent, we want to adopt this delivery model to Europe. We are using ICT (DSS, personalized workflows, Big Data, Business Intelligence, interoperability platforms etc.) to coordinate the levels of care. The aim of the project is to transform the hospital in the place of specific and technical knowledge where acts with high level of complexity are done, giving at the same time more knowledge and power to primary care for them to be able to do the follow up of the patients once they leave the hospital and using technology to cure patients at home (e-rehabilitation).

Our company name comes from the American concept of “Complex Adaptive Systems”: in a complex system as the healthcare one, we have to be always adaptive. That’s what we do in each of our project: we adapt to each hospital, each country, each pathology, each clinical team. For this reason, we have various potential collaborators with whom we work or not depending on the type of project we’re involved in.


Josep Picas, CEO


Experience :

Josep Picas begins his career in 1977 as a medical doctor. He is then appointed Deputy Director of the Hospital de l’Esperança of Barcelona (1979 – 1984). Later on, he becomes Medical Director of the Municipal Institute of Healthcare Services of Barcelona (Public HMO in Barcelona) (1985-2000). Between 2004 and 2007, he is managing the coordination of primary Care of Barcelona City within the Catalan Health Institute (ICS), before being named consecutively CIO of two big University hospitals of Barcelona: Hospital del Mar in 2008 and Hospital de Sant Pau from 2009 to 2012. He is nowadays CEO of his own company: ADAPTIVE HS S.L. and is also President of the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers and Vice-President of the Catalan Forum of Informatics (FòrumCis).

Education :

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Barcelona.
  • Diploma Management Healthcare Services ESADE
  • Professor of Healthcare Services Management: and ICT: ESADE. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Health Information Management : Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Other :

  • President of the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers, Brussels.
  • Vice-President of Forumcis, Catalan CIO Association
Pauline Fontaine, COO


Experience :

Pauline Fontaine has a double master in « Economic development of the Public/ Private Interface » (Institute of Political Studies of Lille) and Applied Economics (University of Lille 1). After two years within UBIFRANCE Spain (Commercial part of the French Embassy) accompanying French SME of healthcare/technology sector in Spain (strategic analysis, searching partners, market studies), she founds ADAPTIVE HS S.L. with Josep Picas and becomes its COO. She gave various conferences in Paris about new economic models for healthcare systems.

Since September 2012, she has been accompanying FòrumCis, Catalan Forum of Informatics and Healthcare, in the creation of a European Network.

Education :

  • Master Economic Development of Public/Private Partnership Institute of Political Sciences of Lille – with highest honour
  • Master Applied Economics e –Lille University – with highest honour

Other :

  • Member of the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers, Brussels.
  • Organization of Networking European days for FòrumCis, Catalan Forum of Informatics and Healthcare
  • Intervention in various conferences in Paris – HIT /Autonomy Healthcare

Docteur Xavier Borras


Xavier Borras is doctor in medicine and surgery, specialized in cardiology. He has always been working as a cardiologist.

Xavier Borras is particularly innovative and enabled the Cardiology Service of Hospital Sant Pau to be a pioneer on a lot of subjects.

He is deeply involved in cardiology and is leading the Information System of the Spanish National Network of Heart Failure REDINSCOR.

In parallel of his purely clinical activities, he is also really involved in teaching and publication. He is :

  • Professor in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Professor in 2 Masters within the University Miguel Hernandez of Alicante: Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging +
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of the Spanish Revue of Cardiology.

In 2012, due to his deep knowledge of clinical processes, he was named Responsible of Care Integration between primary care and hospitals. This new responsibility is added to the one of Responsible of Clinical Information Systems.

Education :

  • Master in methodology des Sciences de la Santé (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Graduated in bio-engineering (Polytechnic University of Barcelona)
  • Master in Healthcare Institutions Management (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Graduated in Information Systems Management (Polytechnic University of Barcelona)


Josep Vilalta


Experience :

Josep Vilalta is an expert in UML, methodologies of software development and quality standards in healthcare information systems. Certificated in UML by the Object Management Group (OMG), and in CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) for Health Level Seven (HL7 International). He is Secretary of HL7 SPAIN since its foundation in 2004.

He is realizing training and coaching for development teams, architecture audits of software and participated in projects as manager in the coordination processes, communication, requirements reengineering, analysis and elaboration of domain models, Board Cases and business processes.

He also developed R&D projects on components frameworks, architecture patterns, and on semantic interoperability schemes applied to healthcare information systems.

Last projects: CDA ShowCase, HL7 v3 & CDA r2 Visual Learning Pathways, Clinical Document Data Warehouse CD2W

Improving the Usability of HL7 Information Models by Automatic Filtering, Reference information Model iSalut.cat of the Catalan Government.

Education :

Master in information systems audits. Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona (Polytechnic University of Cataluña).

Graduated in Analysis of Systems in the Healthcare Sector. University C.Bernard of Lyon.

Graduated in biostatistics. Computer Centre Polytechnic University of Cataluña.

1981: Bachelor Degree in medicine and surgery. University of Barcelona

Nowadays, he is CEO of Vico Open Modeling, S.L., company specialized in :

  • Methodology and Quality in projects around software development.
  • Functional requirements’ specification and information models.
  • Processes Optimization and knowledge maps of an organization.
  • Use cases’ specification and Conceptual architectures with UML standard.
  • Biomedical interoperability and terminology in healthcare systems based on HL7 & SNOMED CT standards.
Gabriel Antoja


Gabriel Antoja has got more than 12 years experience in Information Technology as Manager, Consultant, Analyst and solution Architect for top consulting companies.

Significant experience in healthcare projects for public health organisations, primary care trusts, hospitals, hospital networks and also Pharma industry.

Most relevant capabilities in health information technology management, telemedicine, EMR, HER and HIE solutions and healthcare process transformation.

Education :

Master Industrial Engineering in Operation Management (Polytechnic University of Barcelona)

Thesis: Web Information System for Marketing Postgraduate Courses. Cum Laude. University of Stirling, United Kingdom, 1997


Helena Bascuñana and JM Monguet

Helena Bascuñana is a specialized doctor in physical medicine and rehabilitation in the Hospital Sant Pau of Barcelona. JM Monguet is an engineer, professor of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya.

Together, they created an e-rehabilitation software which prevent patients from coming that much to the hospital and which reduce clearly ambulance costs.

How does it work?

Doctor Bascuñana reproduced on videos all the exercises that permit to reduce dysphagia (the deglutition troubles).

JM Monguet and his team formalized the need of doctor Bascuñana in two interfaces, eDis (dysphagia) and eSpasti (spasticity), in which patients cared from home can access the tutorial videos. They reproduce the exercises from home and are recorded. The videos are integrated in the interface to be then corrected by the doctor within 48 hours. Then, the doctor sends the errors back to the patient within the same interface.

The results are excellent:

* The familiar environment creates a trust climate

* The patient is free to do his exercises whenever he wants and is not obliged to organize his agenda around his pathology.

* The patient has the feeling that he is dealing with his own pathology and is empowering himself.

The patient evolution is as good with e-rehabilitation than with physical rehabilitation in hospital and the cost is a lot lower with the software.


We are accompanying Fujitsu in the development of their LEAN Healthcare projects in both hospitals and primary care centres.

The integration of LEAN principles, when they’re applied to patient-centered philosophy, give much more ambitious results than the quality improvement. These principles pave the way for the establishment of a real Lean culture, according to which the organisms compromise themselves to continuously improve the quality of its services, which emphasize the definition of value in a patient’s point of view. We are convinced that LEAN Healthcare is a crucial methodology in time of crisis. It has to be adopted as a fundamental change of the thinking model that will enable healthcare structures to care the patients more effectively and through a patient-based assistance.


Doctuo is a Spanish very promising start up for which we are working as Medical Board. Doctuo provides quality information to the citizens about health insurances, clinics and doctors. Patients can make an appointment online, ask about any doubt, give their opinion about doctors, clinics and hospitals and doctors can exchange their opinion with other specialists in the community.

We actively participate at the definition of their Spanish and International strategy, so as to make Doctuo the reference tool both for patients and health professionals.


Interesting link

http://innovation.cms.gov/initiatives/map/index.html : Interactive national map of innovation in the United States

http://www.healthit.gov/patients-families : American website promoting the use of technology

http://www.cms.gov : Web to be accredited as an ACO / To enter a Bundled Payment program.

http://www.imi.europa.eu : IMI supports collaborative investigation projects and offers opportunity to build a network of industrial and academic experts with the objective of stimulate the pharmaceutical innovation in Europe.

Tino Marti


Tino Martio began his career as a hospital consultant and then as coordinator in an American start up. From 2007 to 2010, he was Responsible of Informatics within the Institut d’Estudis de la Salut (Barcelona). Since 2005, he has been Economic Director of Consorci Castelldefels Agents de Salut d’Atenció Primària. He is also accompanying PAMEM (Public Company gathering and managing 3 primary care centres of Barcelona) in a deep process of innovation (advanced nurse practitioner, clinical leadership etc).

Education :

Postgraduate in Quality Management in Primary Care. Catalan Institute of Health.

Master in Economic Financial Management. Centre of financial Studies (Barcelona)

Master in Health Economics and Healthcare Management. University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona)

Graduated in Economy. University of Barcelona (Barcelona)





In some projects, we are working with Deloitte. They are really good at project management and evaluation models. We are not exclusive with them and are open to work with other people/companies. We are really flexible.




I2cat is a Foundation depending from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) promoting the utilization of technologies. The Foundation has several areas, including an e-health and e-dependence Cluster.

I2CAT promotes the integration of all the Health System Agents through innovation projects oriented to use the new technologies on this sector. e-Health and e-Inclusion Cluster is an innovation referent on scope of new technologies applied to Health. The objective of the Cluster is to promote projects:

• Implantable and sustainable

• Oriented to improve the quality of service and the economic and administrative process.

• With global application.

• That generates economic return.



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