What can we do ?

Accompanying the pharmaceutical companies in its mutation/reorientation

We are in daily contact with Pharmaceutical companies. We know and they know they’ve reached a dead-end with their Business Model centred on products. Most Big Pharma companies have almost done everything from research and development through to commercialisation themselves. And they know that by 2020 this model will no longer work for most of them. They have no other option that improving their R&D productivity, reducing their costs, tapping the potential of the emerging economies and switching from selling medicines to managing outcomes. These activities few companies, if any, can accomplish on their own.

We can either include them in our projects, either work for them as general strategic advisors. They have shown a really strong interest in our projects because they do not only receive a ROI, they also get the opportunity to learn a lot on chronic diseases management and to adopt a Service-centred Business Model.

They take an active participation in a Research project, sharing interesting results and improving their brand image.

Innovation of primary care professionals: physicians and nurses

Primary Care Innovation is one of the elements of ACO model. If Primary Care centres do not innovate, then the model doesn’t work. And here, innovation has to be taken.

This is the reason why, independently from our projects, we are stimulating primary care innovation in Cataluña. This prepares the bases that will guarantee the success of our projects. In France, the model could seem more complicated to implement a priori, as medical doctors work by private practice liberal and are much more difficult to gather within an ACO or around a Bundled Payment. However, we note a progressive convergence of the healthcare models: some kind of « privatization» in Spain, groups of primary care professionals within « maisons de santé » in France.

Virtualization of the patient/doctor relationship in hospitals: platforms, e-rehabilitation software, bio-signals

We are actively working on the virtualization of the patient/doctor relationship because we are convinced that it is a key element of the sustainability of our healthcare systems. Apart from some cases where the doctor’s presence is compulsory – for many different reasons – in the majority of cases, the relation can be partially – or something completely – virtualized through platforms, software and bio signals.

Big Data

Nowadays, the quantity of data available is booming. Well exploited, this data can be absolutely fantastic. We know how extract the best of the Healthcare Data and we have identified who could be interested in buying it.

Processes optimization between hospitals and primary care

It is our main line of know-how. We translate in Europe the American concept of Accountable Care Organizations and Bundled Payment. The objective is to control the cost of healthcare through a better coordination between primary care and hospitals. We make them work together around a specific chronic pathology: who has to do what? What is the role of the hospital? What should be done by a primary care doctor? By a nurse? In the community? How can they comunicate better.

The objective is to give the most cost effective treatment at the right moment and in the most suitable place.

After a complete analysis of the processes, we begin reengineering of processes with the implication of all the professionals. Apart from accompanying them physically, we work with technological companies as a support.

The objective is clear: make sure the patient receive the most cost effective treatment, at the right time and in the most suitable place.


After an exhaustive analysis of processes, we then work on the definition and application of the most effective clinical pathway with the collaboration of all the actors of the healthcare chain in the clinical pathway. In addition to the accompaniment in the process, we also help to chose of the best technology (ies) that will give response to doctors’ and patients’ needs.